Friday, July 1, 2011

the delicate beauty of one-page websites

one-page websites are a trend i'm not ashamed to follow (clearly, as my own website has just one page).

they just make sense. in this age of overabundant information, there are far too many saturated websites: too much text, too much imagery, too much fluff.

concision is a beautiful thing, and can definitely be a case of less is more. not only that, but limiting oneself to one page forces a designer to be creative, and has yielded incredible results.

here are a few good examples (i'll post more from time to time):

1. Ben the Bodyguard

this site showcases an iphone/ipod security app. the brilliance here is that they took something that would usually be boring (security? boo), and gave it an air of darkness and mystery, with a slight sense of adventure.

seriously, how cool is this guy? keep scrolling down to get the whole story

2. Head2Heart

it's rare to see beautiful, creative, or even decent websites from non-profits and charities, as they typically lack the budget (or the insight) to commission a good site. more and more of these organizations are understanding the value of a beautifully designed site - this is just one great example.

this site flows horizontally rather than vertically - a newer style with great potential

3. Skittles

yes, skittles. the skittles crew went the "never-ending" route with their site, and added a whole lot of psychedelica. keep scrolling at your own risk/peril.

this website never ends...

4. Komrade

i love this site's unique style and light-hearted tone. i must say, their own site is infinitely slicker than the sites they design for others :/

fun, diagram-y style

5. Oliver James Gosling

this site is basically a resume for this individual. the design is really crisp and simple - a very nice execution all in all.

very clean, very slick. i'd hire this guy!