Friday, May 27, 2011

design with integrity?

design with integrity. it is my mantra, my mission and my passion.

on my facebook page, i identify environmental sensitivity as an element of "design with integrity," but there's much more to it than that. a key component definitely is that striving to be "green," but this is about a greater goal of living and working integriously (read: with integrity - check out the integrious project for more on that).

in my work, this translates to honesty, openness, efficiency and being generally decent. this means that i will always give my best. it means everything i design is original, never "borrowed" or stolen. it means that every part of the process is approached with integrity, from the very first client meeting to handing over the final product, from using sustainable paper and other products, to web hosting with elephant-free wind power, and urging my clients to do the same.

it's the way business should be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

new things ahead

i just wanted to write a quick note about what's going on in my life right now, in the coming weeks, and beyond.

first of all, the big one: i am leaving a job that i absolutely love to stay home with my infant son and work full time as a freelancer. just over two weeks to go...

second, as i mentioned, after years of kicking the idea around i am finally launching my own design business. this is both scary and exciting... it's a huge risk, but the potential for return is great. my mind is in constant brainstorm mode, trying to come up with marketing ideas, design ideas, etc. i can't wait to get this show on the road.

so much to do! i have new business cards coming in the next week or so, and am working to get my new website ready in time for launch (details on launch to come). i'm trying out a new and different idea for my website that, if i can pull it off, might just be awesome.

i'll keep you all posted (if anyone is reading, that is) over the next couple of weeks - big changes are coming!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

spring is in the air...

i love the combination of blue and pink - the shades are just perfect to create a nice complement. the whole thing is reminiscent of cotton candy and bubble gum, and makes for a great spring ad